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Heartland of the city and one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe
The Vilnius Old Town ( Senamiestis ) is surrounded by great landscape combination in harmony with historical past and present achievements, science and culture.

Private accommodation & apartment rentals in Old town - Vilnius for holidays, business visits or study breaks. If you wish to find perfect vacation in Senamiestis , you've come to the right place.

Apartments на сутки в Vilnius, Old Town

1 0,100405,100403,100406,100407,100408,100411,100404,100401,100402,100409,100410,100412,100421,100422,100417,100418,100419,100420,100413,100414,100416,100415,49522,42855,40813,40814
Stylish apartments in the heart of vilnius
Apartment Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,110006,78230,110007,78229,78198,78199,78202,78214,110008,78228,78231,78233
Excellent apartment on Gedimino ave
Apartment Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,83271,83298,83283,83274,83278,83281,83273,83277,83288,83267,83269,83270,83272,83265,83289,83290,83286,83266 Better mini apartment with jacuzzi and sauna Nr.7
Apartment Vilnius, Old Town

Flats на сутки в Vilnius, Old Town

1 0,94727,94723,94722,94721,94700,94713,94703,94697,94715,94701,94716,77846
Cozy apartment in the center of Vilnius
Flat Vilnius, Old Town
35 new
1 0,111286,111287,111288,111289,111290,111291,111292,111293,111294,111295,111296,111297,111298,111299 Cosy studio flat in the Old town
Flat Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,37616,37604,37617,37626,37624,37618,37619,37622,37621,37623,37620 Vilnius downtown apartment rent
Flat Vilnius, Old Town
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